“Customer service is the key”

“Customer service is the key”

Everybody has a negative customer service story to tell. For the past years we have lowered our service expectations, we are getting use to bad customer service. For me this is unacceptable, good customer service is a matter of having the right attitude from both the individuals and the companies they represent. Without a doubt any organization providing outstanding service in a consistent way will be successful, while the ones with poor service won’t last for long.

Today in business is almost impossible to have a unique product, the only way to separate yourself from your competitors is providing an outstanding service to each and every customer. Outstanding customer service develops loyal customers, consistent visitors who represents incomes to your organization. When the customers have several options to choose from under a similar product line, they will go to the one making everything possible and necessary to please them that business is perceive as being better.

I am convinced that in order to be successful, an organization, business or not must work to satisfy their customers and they will pay back with their loyalty. On a broader concept I consider a customer every individual we exchange a value with, not necessarily money. This being said I must define what customer is from two perspectives; when we pay for a product or service, we are customers, but when we get paid for a job then whoever is paying, individual or company are our customers.

These days more than ever before every organization, government agencies, religious organizations, social clubs, sports organizations, educational institutions, etc. needs to develop an outstanding service culture if they want to survive.

It is necessary for us to understand and accept the fact that everything has to do with relationships, with individuals. At work, among team members or departments, in our community, at home, or just walking around a shopping mall at any time we will need to help or being help, we all become customers to each other. When we learn the value of service and it becomes part of our nature we are building a positive attitude towards service and it will be of benefit to everybody, most important for ourselves.

In this section we will present new topics every week as an educational tool for your organization and for the individuals, customer service is the key.

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