Experience and Qualifications



José Antonio González Cordero has a Bachelor’s Degree on Business Administration with a minor in Management from the University of Puerto Rico.  He also holds a Certification in Management from the Walton Institute of Arkansas, USA and a Leader Leading Leaders Certification from Avon Products awarded in Chicago, USA . Mr. González is also a Professional Coach; member of the ICF, a Business Coach and a Certified Customer Service Specialist from University of Puerto Rico.

In his thirty years (30) of professional experience he has worked as supervisor, department manager, buyer and purchasing manager for multinational companies such as JC Penney, Kmart and Sam’s Club International.  He also worked as head of product development and purchasing department for Avon Products Inc.

Due to this professional path, he possesses vast trade negotiation skills and experience in the establishment of international business deals with executives of companies from countries like China, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Panama as well as countless cities in the United States. 

During his career he has directed several departments including commission sales areas, and the integration of the service areas related to them. He was also part of the team in charge of recruiting and training the sales staff for some of the above mentioned companies. He has been mentor to countless young professionals in the management field.



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