Who do We Serve?

Restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, professional service offices, financial institutions, rental business and new business projects, as well as group or individual coaching.

Even though we could say that “customers are customers”, their needs will vary depending on the business segment we are talking about.

Key elements like sales force knowledge, claims handling, building appearance, parking spaces, music volume, temperature, cleanness, space for movement, illumination, waiting time, welcome message, phone handling and many others are being evaluated by our customers every time they visit us. How well we manage these elements will influence the customer’s decision to come back or not. Everything we do or avoid doing is part of the experience, is part of the service. No customer expectations are the same and we need to make sure we cover all the possibilities trying to establish the highest service level possible.

At New Times Consulting Group we have worked with many of the segments mentioned above and we know what to look for when we visit them. We understand the customer mentality and we understand the challenges you are facing today as an entrepreneur. We also know how much it costs to bring new customers and the cost of losing them. We want to team up with you and find new options to help you exceed your business plans while making your customer come back for more.


email: jose@newtimesconsultinggroup.com
Phone: (787) 410-0078 Skype: coachjoseantonio
P.O.Box 3212
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00970

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